Cancellation and Refund Policy


Once we receive confirmation of payment, your course/dive will be reserved and guaranteed.

To maintain our commitment to all our clients, Scuba Shane Diving operates the Cancellation Policy as follows: –

  • Full amount is required to make a booking.
  • At the time of making payment you agree to these terms and conditions.
  • If you cancel you dives/course, for whatever reason, the cancellation policy is as follows:
    • 7 days or more before the course date – refund of payment minus $70.00 for the theory/postage and admin fee.
    • 72 hours before course/dive starts – Scuba Shane Diving will retain the full amount.

All dive courses are to be paid in full, 1 week prior to diving on the first day of the dives, unless otherwise instructed by Scuba Shane Diving. (Due to paperwork needing to be done and sent out)

Scuba Courses


All cancellations within 72 hours due to unexpected illness will result in the full amount retained by Scuba Shane Diving.

Any catch up days due to illness or sickness will result in a catch fee of $100.00 per day.  We recommend travel insurance to be purchased to cover any loss from becoming sick or injuries.


However, if you become ill or require extra training during the course there will be a catch-up price of $100.00 a day.

If we have space available and can arrange new dive dates to finish your dives, we will try moving your dive dates.


A photo must be uploaded into your SDI account prior to the end of your course. If you did not upload a photo, your certification card is going to be posted without a photo.

Most training agencies charge additional $55.00 to resend a broken or lost card.


Open Water Students will need to be able to complete a swim test of 200 metres and back float water for 10 minutes to demonstrate water confidence.

For all courses, you must be able to answer “NO” to all the medical questions or be signed off as “fit to dive” by a dive doctor using the appropriate paperwork AS4005.1 medical clearance.

If you fail the medical pre-screening on the day because you have not read the documentation, you will forfeit your booking.

All medical questions must be ticked NO or have a medical certificate to start the course.


All refunds will be deposited into the nominated bank account, minus any theory/admin fees ($70.00).


For most courses, there is a theory element to complete for knowledge development that includes training. The training is compulsory and must be completed 1 week BEFORE the start of the course.

If you do not complete the study prior to arriving, you will not be able to start the course and will be charged a $100.00 catch up fee.


For any courses, we require three (3) students to run a course. If you would like to book on as one (1) person just email or call us and check what courses are running.

All diving is weather permitted, so if for any dangerous weather, or any other reason or that Scuba Shane Diving must cancel dives the following refunds apply.

  • If Scuba Shane Diving changes your diving date or time, you will be offered a full refund or alternative dates.


  • Vouchers will not be redeemable for cash under any circumstance.
  • They are only valid to the person on the voucher.
  • The expiry date is labelled on the voucher.
  • Proof of the voucher will need to be presented to claim the product.
  • Vouchers are only valid for the value of the voucher when purchased.
  • Course or dive must be completed within the expiry date. Booking for future dives outside the expiration date, will not be accepted.

Social Diving

  • All divers must have their certification card to board the dive boat at the time of diving.
  • All divers must state on the liability form that they have dived within 12 months; otherwise, a refresher course is required prior to diving with Scuba Shane Diving.
  • Safety equipment is a requirement to dive within Queensland, which contains a computer, safety sausage and a whistle.  This is the responsibility of the diver to provide for all dives, unless you are hiring Scuba Shane Diving hire kits.
  • Any personal equipment is the responsibility of the diver to maintain. Scuba Shane Diving does not take any responsibility for personal equipment failing the pre-dive test.
  • All spare equipment is reserved for Scuba Shane Diving hire kits.
  • Please complete Scuba Shane Diving online waiver every 12 months prior to our dive

Personal Equipment

Any personal equipment used on any selected courses or social dives, which the equipment fails, is the diver’s responsibility. All or any spare gear is reserved for divers hiring Scuba Shane Diving equipment.

Any Scuba Shane Diving equipment that is required will be at standard hiring cost of $70 for the kit.

All divers must maintain QLD code of practice standards to dive with Scuba Shane Diving.

Late or No Show

A no show for whatever reason, including but not limited to flight delays, traffic, hangovers, or just not getting out of bed will mean loss of payment!

If you cannot complete scheduled dives due to ill health, there will be no refund. We suggest you look at your travel/ scuba insurance for reimbursement.

Anything over 30 minutes late to the Open Water course will start without you and you will miss the course.

Boat and ferries depart as per time, and will not be delayed if you’re running late.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance that covers illness, cancellation, medical evacuation, and scuba diving within its policy. Any cancellations within 72 hours will result in Scuba Shane Diving retaining full payment.


Scuba Shane Diving does not provide transport in any way. Cancellation of the course within 72 hrs due to not planning transport will forfeit the course/dive funds. We recommend asking other divers on your course/trip to carpool to the dive site. Alternatively, public transport the day prior and stay at the local accommodation at the dive sites.


If you hire a piece of Scuba Shane Diving equipment and you lose or break it the following prices will be charged.

LEAD WEIGHTS – 3LB – $7.50, 6LB – $15, 10LB – $25
MASK – $40
FIN – $50
BOOT – $10
BC – $200
WET SUIT – $100