Next Cook Island Dive

17 April (8am)

Cost: A$139 +($30 night dive) with FREE tanks/weights

Tweed Heads has many beautiful dive sites! However, Cook Island is the dive site that stands out the most. Indeed, it has become the most popular dive site at Tweed Heads. Cook Island is a nature reserve situated approximately 600 metres off the coast from Fingal Head. The dive site is home to a variety of marine species, from tropical fish to the majestic grey nurse shark. Additionally, the rocky reef provides a reserve for many endangered species of cod, gropers and not to mention the large population of birds that nest on the island. 

Nudibranchs are another entrancing species that steal the show at Cook Island. Indeed, the site is popular among underwater photographers who come visit from around the world to test their macro skills. However, if Nudibranchs are not your thing, the turtles will also keep you entertained for the 45 minute double dive.


Cook Island was known as Turtle Island, it won’t take you long to understand why. Green and Loggerheads will be the main attraction during your double dive and your surface interval.

Cook Island is approximately a 20 minute boat ride from the wharf. During the cold months, humpback whales will keep you company during the surface interval. Further, there is also a good chance of seeing a pod of dolphins as you approach the dive site. Leopard sharks also inhabit the dive site during the warmer months of spring and summer.

Importantly, Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast harbour some of the best diving for certified Open Water Divers. Indeed, Cook Island itself has an average depth of 10 metres. The water temperature ranges from a cool 19 degrees during the winter months to a comfortable 24 degrees during summer. The island also provides protection from swells or winds all year long.

Come out and join me for a remarkable double dive with the turtles at Cook Island! 

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Night Diving

It doesn’t matter how many times you dive a particular dive site, once you descend after sunset, you are entering a different world. Cook Island is no different; the turtles may be there or even the manta rays but more marine life comes out to play at night! 

You will descend on your first dive just before sunset. During the surface interval you will experience the sun disappear behind the mountains to the west with a warm cup of tea or coffee. Your second dive will be in complete darkness; only the light from your torch will allow you to gaze into the bioluminescence and the wonders of night diving.

Night speciality is not required. 

Start time is 5.00pm QLD time.

Torch hire: $20 (Must have your own torch and glow stick).

Certification is Open Water and above (If you would like to do the night dive with a diving buddy and unguided, you must hold a night speciality certification). 

Dive information

  1. The dive starts at 7:00am or 11:00am.
  2. We return at 11:30am or 5:00pm.
  3. The dive costs A$139 for a double dive + $A30 night dive.
  4. Free weights and tanks included.
  5. Gear hire is available for an additional A$70.
  6. The dive site depth is 10 metres.
  7. Liability form completed prior to your dive.
  8. Tea, coffee and soup is provided during the surface interval.
  9. Dad jokes complementary.

How come the stadium got hot after the game?

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