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Now before we all get too scared and start pressing on the back button to get off this page. Let’s just get something straight. Sharks aren’t man eating creatures and this is something most divers have known for some time.

The book Jaws and the famous movie hasn’t really given sharks a fair go and the writer of Jaws, Peter Benchley, has regretted the book and has spent the remaining of his life advocating for oceanic conservation.

Now keeping that in mind, scuba divers around the world spend millions of dollars just to have the opportunity to dive with these apex predators of the ocean.

Dive Stradbroke Island, Flat Rock is one of the best dive locations near Brisbane, is more known for its shark encounters with the Grey Nurse sharks and more commonly at the dive site called “Shark Ally”. Shark Ally is located on the eastern edge of Flat Rock and can reach some deep depths and is suggested to be dived by either adventure advanced divers or divers that have completed their deep water speciality.

With depths getting as deep as 30 metres it is common to have humpback whales breaching in close proximity around the boat and if you’re lucky you may even get them under the boat. (What a way to spend your safety stop)

The Grey Nurse sharks are gentle predators and mainly feed on fish and can be found in sub-tropical to cool temperature waters near the coastline. You’ll find the grey nurse sharks swimming slowly along the sea floor at Flat Rock and normally in masses during the colder months from June to October.

The endangered Grey Nurse sharks (there are roughly only 500 left on the eastern coast of Australia) travel from central southern NSW to the warmer waters off QLD to mate and gestate.

The easiest way to experience the Grey Nurse sharks, also known as the Ragged Tooth sharks or the Sand Tiger sharks, is by descending down the anchor line and positioning yourself just off the sandy bottom of Shark Ally and watch how these top of the food chain predators continue about their business without a care in the world and also not caring that you are there.

Other marine life you may witness are eagle rays, turtles, octopus, barracuda and other large and small tropical fish.

To dive Stradbroke Island Flat Rock, is usually dived in the colder months of the year when it has usually some of the best visibility and conditions.

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