• Dive Flinders Reef

Dive Flinders Reef

8 January
16 January
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Cost: $179 (GST inc)
FREE lunch!

Dive Flinders Reef is one of the best dive sites near Brisbane. Indeed, it was voted the second best dive site in Australia by National Geographic (although some divers may disagree). Flinders Reef is an isolated reef off Moreton Island in South East Queensland, approx. 5Km North-West of Cape Moreton. Flinders Reef is home to numerous species of reef fish and hard and soft corals. The dive site is commonly known as Flinders. It is full of colour and a large variety of marine life. Indeed, Flinders hosts more than 175 species of fish. Compared to the Great Barrier Reef, the site harbours the most species and varieties of coral in a single area in South East Queensland.

Flinders Reef is approximately 90 minutes from Scarborough Marine. Usually, you will encounter dolphins and humpback whales during the approach. In the winter months, your dive doubles up as a whale-watching tour. If, however, you don’t see them on the surface, you will most certainly hear them singing underwater during your dive. Check out the video below for a preview!

Turtle cleaning station

Many divers venture to Flinders to experience the turtle cleaning station on the Western side of the Island in the Coral Gardens. The Gardens are popular with divers as its average depth is 8 metres. This allows the light to reach the reef and over time has produced some of the best fauna you can see in Australia. Indeed, I have personally seen manta rays, whales, leopard sharks, batfish, wobbegongs and too many tropical fish to name them all. However, we visited Flinders Reef to say hello to the turtles.

The most common turtles you will find at Flinders are Green and Loggerheads. They are almost guaranteed to be there. Indeed, I have visited Flinders over 200 times and I have never not seen turtles. However, I did see a humpback whale swimming by with her calf. Evidently, this definitely made up for the turtle!

Alden’s Cave

Alden’s Cave is located on the Eastern side of Flinders Reef. Additionally, the mooring block is just South of the entrance of the swim through. For this reason, it is perfect for the beginner diver. The remaining dive site requires minimal navigation, all taught during your open water course. Moreover, the exit of this swim through, exits on the top side of the reef. Perfect, for a circular dive plan to lop around back to the mooring. Further, if you decide to do the dive in reverse and save the swim through for the end. You can parallel the rocky wall to a small bommie. This would be the perfect point to turn around and head back to Alden’s Cave. Finally, Alden’s Cave is well lit with an opening in the cave roof, this allows natural light to penetrate the well known swim through.

What’s Included

  • Gourmet lunch after your double dive (ham, chicken and salad rolls)
  • Calm surface interval (we move to the calm side of the reef for protection)
  • Licence bar for a cold beer
  • Double Dive with a fresh shower on board
  • Air condition cabin with lounge to nap on
  • Tea and coffee all day
  • 2 level 22m Supercat for plenty of room to relax
  • Toilets and a shower

How do I book?

Importantly, this is a major part as to why I can charge one of the cheapest scuba courses and dive trips in Brisbane. Indeed, I have selected not to pay a payment/booking software fee. Here, I save on the annual subscription and a commission fee. Normally, charged at around 2% of your final fee. As a result, I have passed the savings onto YOU!

So, scroll down and click on the BOOK NOW tag. Here, you will complete a couple of questions which will be sent to me by email. Afterwards, I’ll reply with any inquiries you may have and the payment/dive details to enrol onto your adventure.

Finally, give me a call, if you haven’t heard from me within 24 hours. Let’s get you onto your underwater adventure, as soon as possible!


Dive Information

  • Departs 6:30 am
  • Returns 3:30 pm
  • Cost $179 with buffet lunch
  • 200 bar AL Tanks/Weights $40 (2 x $20) – bring your own tanks to save $$
  • 230 bar Faber/weights $60 (2x $30)
  • Gear hire $70 includes all safety gear and computer
  • Licence bar (cash only)
  • Double dive
  • Open water certification and above
  • Complete the online waiver (Home page)
  • Enjoy dad jokes

Why did the tomato blush?

Because it saw the salad dressing!

Dive Flinders Reef

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