Dive HMAS Brisbane

10 July
12 September
7 November

Cost: $179 Double Dive (GST inc)
Tanks and weights $40

Wreck diving has grown in popularity since the HMAS Brisbane was destroyed and set up as a diving site. Importantly, HMAS Brisbane was one of three Perth class guided missile destroyers to serve the Royal Australian Navy. More, she saw deployments to the Gulf and Vietnam Wars and was involved in the post-cyclone Tracy disaster in 1974. After that, the HMAS Brisbane was decommissioned in 2001 and was professionally sunk as a dive wreck off the Sunshine Coast coastline about 9km from Mooloolaba in 2005.

Dive HMAS Brisbane

Normally, to penetrate a wreck you either had to be a technical diver or have your wreck speciality certificate. However, regular maintenance has been carried out on the HMAS Brisbane. As a result, the wreck is available for penetration for divers holding an open water certification.

Normally, many divers visit the HMAS to complete their Advanced Adventurer Course and Wreck Diver Course. Meanwhile, the stern of the HMAS is located at a depth of 28 metres. Additionally, the bow is found at 18 metres. As you descend into the wreck from the drop line, you come aboard the bow and are greeted by the forward gun (bang bang). Upon entering the HMAS Brisbane, you can swim through the engine or control room. This room in particular gives a little eerie feeling that makes the dive that more exciting. At the right of the engine room, you find the kill switches still intact; suddenly, you realise this was once a warship. Importantly, the specially designed man holes allow light in all parts of the wreck. As a result, you are always able to see an exit out of the wreck to safety.

In addition, I’m consistently being surprised every time I dive HMAS Brisbane. Personally, I have observed yellow tail king fish hunting the surrounding reef fish. I have also heard whales communicating with each other. Finally, be ready to come face to face with a giant cod that has made this sanctuary his home. Spooky!

Open Water Certification

Firstly, this can be a magical dive for the keen open water diver. Your decent will be to the starboard side of the bow, at 18 metres. Secondarily, take a glance down to the warship stern and gaze on the upper deck. Here, you can explore the wheel house and other magical rooms, ranging in depth of 8-12 metres.

Surface Interval

Importantly, we spend the 1 hour surface interval in the calm waters of Mooloolah River or behind Mudjimba Island. This, ensures a relaxing environment to enjoy delicious food & refreshments. We are the only operator that provides this service with Scuba World as a charter vessel.

Dive Information

  • Double Dive on HMAS Brisbane
  • Cost $179
  • Departs: 11.30 am
  • Returns:  4.30 pm
  • Torch required Hire $20
  • Tanks/weights $40
  • Gear Hire $70 – excludes torch
  • Weight limit of 115 Kg per diver
  • Open Water certification for top deck max 18 metres
  • Advanced or wreck certification for unguided trips
  • Complete the online waiver (Home page)
  • Enjoy dad jokes
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