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28 Oct

Dive Manta Bommie

$139 double dive

Dive Manta Bommie for $139*

You may have read some of my opinions and experiences with Flinders Reef. That it is my favourite dive site on the South East Coast of Australia. Flinders scrapes in as number 1 only by the skin of a bees pecker when compared to scuba diving with manta rays at Manta Bommie. Many divers have diving Manta Bommie off North Stradbroke Island in the top 10.

Manta Bommie is well known for scuba diving with manta rays during the warmer months from October to April. It is believed the manta rays come to Manta Bommie for a cleaning station after their migration. These fascinating creatures have such a curious nature that it doesn’t take long before they start gliding amongst the divers.

Diving Manta Bommie can be accessed from Stradbroke Island by boat at which time you will be on top of this pristine, secluded island within 10 minutes. During calm weather it is an hour boat ride from Brisbane. Don’t stress as this will give you ample time to gaze at the beauty of Stradbroke Island. While you fly past with your new dive buddies you share your first experience. You never know this could be the start of something new and interesting.

During the season you are more than likely to dive up to 10 manta rays dancing elegantly among the dive group. These mystical creatures often come in for a closer look. Or may just be showing off their dance moves while feeding on the zooplankton with their mouths wide open. While this can only be described as exhilarating. If you do ever get sick of watching these giant creatures which can get up to 3 metres in width from wing tip to wing tip (oceanic manta’s can reach 9m wide). You can dive off the Bommie and gaze at the numerous leopard sharks peacefully sleeping on the sea bottom. This is something that makes you help feeling at ease with yourself while forgetting all your troubles as they drift away.

Other marine animals that you may encounter during the year are the Humpback whales. Migrating during the months of May to September and if you’re lucky you may even get to witness them up close and personal. Experience how small us humans are in comparison to some of the giant marine creatures that this planet has put on show for us. Eagle rays, wobbegong sharks, turtles, dolphins and hundreds more reef and tropical fish can be seen zipping in between your legs blending themselves into the bright colours on your fins.

Diving Manta Bommie can have problems with currents however with some careful planning we can use this to our advantage when accessing our dive. The depths range from 8-12 metres with a drop off to 15 metres. Be careful on the drop off because the currents increase and normally are travelling from the east.

Without doubt this is one dive you have to do in your lifetime! More than likely after your first one you’ll be booking on for a second dive or more. Manta rays are creatures that bring such peace within yourself. These huge but elegant rays just glide around you as if to say “hey check out my new dance move”.

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