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Cost: $179 (inc GST)

Diving Manta Bommie has become a favourite dive location for scuba divers in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Indeed, the site is in the Top 10 sites to dive in Queensland. Manta Bommie is well-known for scuba diving with manta rays during the warmer months from October to April. It is believed that the mantas come to Manta Bommie to visit the cleaning station after finishing their migration. These fascinating creatures have a very curious nature. Therefore, it doesn’t take them long to start gliding among the divers whenever we visit.

Manta Bommie is accessed by boat from Stradbroke Island. This pristine island is located a short distance from Brisbane. Indeed, during good conditions, the boat’s drive is only approximately an hour from the mainland or 5 minutes from Stradbroke Island. Manta Bommie can reach depths between 8-12 metres, with a drop off to 15 metres.

Manta Rays

During manta ray season, you are likely to dive with up to 10 manta rays. The mantas come in different sizes and can grow up to 6 metres wide. These mystical creatures often dive close to scuba divers. Therefore, you can enjoy their dance moves up close as they feed on plankton. Other highlights of the dive include the numerous leopard sharks that sleep peacefully on the ocean floor. Sometimes, you can also encounter humpback whales, as they migrate during the months of May to October. Further, the dive hosts a variety of marine wildlife, including wobbegong sharks, turtles, dolphins and a myriad of tropical fish.

Importantly, you need to be mindful of ocean conditions at the dive site, as currents have been known to present a problem. However, with some careful dive planning, we can use this to our advantage.

Without a doubt, this is one dive you have to do in your lifetime!

Finally, Shag Rock will be the alternative dive site, if the conditions aren’t in our favour.

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Nitrox 32% is available for both dives at $40. Otherwise, you can enrol in the Nitrox Diver Course for $149.00,  giving you a safer dive profile.

Similarly, if you would like to dive on Nitrox 32% please state this in your booking. Otherwise, you can do your Nitrox Diver Course with your social dive for only $149. Moreover, it qualifies as one of your specialty courses for your Master Diver certification. Importantly, the course can be taught dry but I insist you dive into Nitrox to experience it. Some say you aren’t as tired after your dives, I’ll let you be the judge of this.

What’s Included

  • 2x 200 bar aluminium tanks and weights
  • Hot soup and tea during your surface interval
  • Separate cleaning basins for wetsuits and regulators
  • Hot showers
  • Beach launch
  • Return transfer from Dunwich to dive boat
  • Dive guide

How do I book?

Importantly, this is a major part as to why I can charge for one of the cheapest scuba courses and dive trips in Brisbane. Indeed, I have selected not to pay a payment/booking software fee. Here, I save on the annual subscription and a commission fee. Normally, charged at around 2% of your final fee. As a result, I have passed the savings onto YOU!

So, scroll down and click on the BOOK NOW tag. Here, you will complete a couple of questions which will be sent to me by email. Afterwards, I’ll reply with any inquiries you may have and the payment/dive details to enrol on your adventure.

Finally, give me a call, if you haven’t heard from me within 24 hours. Let’s get you onto your underwater adventure, as soon as possible!


Dive Manta Bommie Information

  • Departs 5:30 am
  • Returns 11:30 am
  • Location Gold Cat Ferry
  • Cost $179
  • Ferry $20
  • Gear hire $70 includes all safety gear
  • Nitrox $40 double dive 32%
  • Nitrox course $149 BARGAIN
  • Double dive with a guide
  • Certification Open Water and above
  • The backup dive site will be Shag Rock
  • Complete the online waiver (Home page)
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Dive Manta Bommie

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