Open Water Diver course

Refresher Scuba Diver Course


The Refresher Scuba Diver Course is designed to update and review the knowledge and skill level of an inactive scuba diver.
This cheap scuba diving course is run in junction with the Open Water Diver course at Langland’s pool or if more convenient during the open water component at Tweed Heads diving the North wall off Coral Street.

After successfully completing this scuba diving course you will be able

  1. Enrol in the SDI Advanced Adventure Diver, individual SDI Specialty Courses, or the SDI Advanced Dive Course.
  2. Diver Development Program based on your prior certification.
  3. Dive without the direct supervision of an instructor.
Pre-Dive:-   Paperwork
Day 1:- 8am to 1pm (Pool Session)
Tweed Heads open water dive
15yrs +
Contact us to book your cheap scuba diving Refresher Course or check the calendar for course dates.


Cheap scuba diving

Open Water Scuba Diver Course


The Open Water Scuba Diver Course is your first step into the world beneath the waves, actually arriving to my website was your first step but let us not be technical here.
Scuba diving can be quite technical if you go down that path, it can also be as simple and relaxing as you would like it to be.
This cheap scuba diving Open Water  Course is a three (3) day beginner’s course into the fundamentals of scuba diving.
Day 1 – Pool Session:
Here we go over the course layout, equipment assemble/disassemble, different styles of kits (we try to expose you to as many manufactures as possible). This session covers approximately 30 skills where the instructor explains and demonstrates the skill in the pool in a safe environment.
Day 2/3 – Open Water Dives:
Depending on your selection of your Open Water Scuba Course, day two (2) and three (3) is down at Tweed Heads or the upgrade where we travel out to Cook Island on the third day. Here you will demonstrate your understandings of scuba diving and that you have mastered the skills.
Requirements for this course:
  • 18 years, 15-17 years with parents consistent (10-15 Junior Open water certfication)
  • Medical and liability forms completed and emailed to Scuba Shane Diving
  • Complete the theory package
Medical clearance from you medical practitioner ( If you tick YES to any of the questions in the medical form)
Transportation ( provided at additional cost)

Pre-Dive:-  Theory, registeration with SDI & paperwork
Day 1:- 8am to 1pm (Pool Session)
Day 2-3:- 4 open water dives

After this course the Advance course is your next step on your underwater adventure.
Contact us to book your cheap scuba diving Open Water Course. or check the calendar for course dates.


Advanced Adventure Diver

Advanced Adventure Scuba Diver Course

7/8 July
On request

The purpose of the Advanced Adventure Scuba Diver course is to give an overview of five different specialties, two core and three additional specialties.

The two core specialties are;  Deep and Navigation. One dive, from each of the specialties apply toward a complete specialty certification.

Overhead environments (excluding HMAS Brisbane) and non-diving specialties are not allowed and do not count toward the 3 chosen specialties.

Our experienced scuba instructor, Shane will take you on an underwater adventure that will improve your scuba dive skills and turn you into a confident and safe scuba diver!

This cheap scuba diving Advanced Course is suitable for all open water diver qualified and medically fit people over the age of 15 with a parent or guardian signature. You will require a dive medical if you currently have or have had any of the medical conditions mentioned in the declaration

Requirements for this course:
  • Proof of your Open Water Diver certification
  • Dived within 12 months (refresher dive can be organised for a cost of $110 includes dive gear)
  • SMB (surface marker buoy) and a knife (can be supplied)​
Pre-Dive:-  Theory, registeration with SDI & paperwork
Day 1:- 3 x open water dives at Tweed Heads
Day 2:- 2 x boat open water dives
Advanced Adventure Certificatiion Card
15yrs +
Contact us to book your cheap scuba diving  Advanced Adventure Course or check the calendar for course dates.